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Check false reviews. Protect your reputation.

  • Reviews are crucial for the success of your company.

  • Do not let others make this decision for you.

  • Act now.

We safeguard your reputation.

Trust our legal expertise.

We know from experience how to get rid of false reviews. Quickly and efficiently.


Our experience – our references.

Why act?

Negative fake reviews are harmful.

For your company. Its reputation. Its turnover. Its development. Not just for recruiting. Such reviews also have negative consequences for the important Google ranking and the reach of your website.


Reviews have an impact – internet users trust them.

75 per cent of internet users consult a review portal before purchasing a product or service.

Almost three quarters of these users consider written reviews to be essential when making purchasing decisions.

For 59 per cent, online reviews are important when searching for products and services*.

*Source: Splendid Research GmbH, Online-Bewertungsportal Monitor 2019

Many online reviews are manipulated.

This is the result of a study conducted by Stiftung Warentest in 2020:**

Almost 2 out of 3 reviews sold by specialised agencies to review platforms or comparison portals were manipulated.

Customers often use negative reviews to exert pressure, for example to force price reductions. Resentful competitors can also be behind false reviews.

**Source: Stiftung Warentest, test 7/2020, p. 4953.

Risk of losing control.

If negative reviews become the subject of media attention or result in a shitstorm, the situation can quickly threaten a companys existence and spiral out of control.


What can you do?

I can’t do anything anyway – a fatal mistake

Platforms often want to hold on to fake reviews. They simply advice the companies affected to comment the reviews themselves.

Don’t let yourself be fobbed off with this. Fight back before you are no longer in control of the situation. Fight back with FAKE*away.

Proceedings against the author

If the author of the review is known, it may be demanded that he deletes the review. If he refuses to do so, he can be compelled to delete it before a court. If the author loses in court, he must bear the costs of the proceedings.

Proceedings against platforms

Companies can also contact the platform operator directly and demand that he deletes reviews. If the platform operator does not respond or does not respond in time, he or she is liable. The platform operator can then be forced to delete the review in court.

Quick results

Claims for deletion against the author or the operator of a platform can be enforced particularly quickly in court by means of a preliminary injunction. Decisions can be enforced immediately. In the event of violations, the author and platform are threatened with fines or imprisonment.

Service packages

A transparent pricing structure is a matter of course for us.

You pay a flat fee for each review that we take legal action against out of court. The price depends on the number of reviews we take legal action against*.

*Offer is exclusively aimed at professionals or freelancers. All prices plus statutory VAT.

Single – For individual cases

For legal complaints of up to 10 reviews, the price is €300 per review.

Multi – For those frequently affected

If you are affected by more than 10 reviews, the price is €250 per review from the 11th legal complaint.

Premium – The all-inclusive package

We monitor the relevant review portals for you and take action automatically in the event of new unlawful reviews: monthly subscription.

About us

FAKE*away is the competent and specialised partner at your side. We are lawyers. As such, we have many years of personal experience in media law, especially with rating portals.

Decisive prerequisites for success are

  • expertise and experiencethorough preparation
  • a strategy tailored to the individual case
  • and the professional and consistent realisation of the defined goals.

FAKE*away. We protect your companys reputation.

Dr. Oliver Stegmann

Attorney at law, specialised lawyer for intellectual property law

Oliver Stegmann has worked for many years as a lawyer specialising in the right of free speech, media and personality rights. He therefore has particular experience in advising and representing companies in all media matters. As former in-house counsel for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, he knows how publishers work and how opinions are made. Oliver Stegmann is a partner in the law firm ESCHE SCHÜMANN COMMICHAU, Hamburg.

Julian Leucht

Attorney at law

In addition to media law, Julian Leucht deals with the protection of personal rights in social media. He also advises on data protection law and supports companies in implementing and complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection regulations. Julian Leucht is an associate in the law firm ESCHE SCHÜMANN COMMICHAU, Hamburg.